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My father sustained waist injury, can't walk as a result of military attack - Emmanuel, Kanu's brother

The younger brother of the IPOB leader, Emmanuel Kanu has revealed that after the Thursday evening military attack on their home in Afaraukwu, Umuahia, his father, HRH, Eze Okwuonu Kanu can't walk normal again.

Recall that on Thursday evening, the men of the Nigerian Military in joint operation with Mopol invaded the country home of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, where they shot their way through and killed lots of IPOB members on sight.

Emmanuel Kanu who spoke with Dailysun, said what the military did on Thursday amounted to not only desecration of the Igbo traditional institution as exemplified by the raid and ransacking  their father’s palace, but also killing with impunity.

Emmanuel added that if it were in a clime where the rule of law prevails, since his brother has a pending case at a Federal High court, the military should have waited for the court to adjudicate on the matter.  

“What the army did is barbaric and despicable; it is killing with impunity. Nnamdi  Kanu has a case to answer in court and in between that, the military took it upon themselves to come and assassinate him, that means Nnamdi Kanu is justified. They should have allowed the court to decide his case instead of trying to kill him. And I want to let the whole world  know that in spite of what happened, he will still keep his date with the court.”

Emmanuel who could not fathom why the army could be so brutal on unarmed civilians alleged that in the morning of the same Thursday, soldiers killed two of their members directly opposite Government House, Umuahia and took their bodies away.

“Again, yesterday (Thursday) evening, they (soldiers) and MOPOL men came to our compound in their numbers, besieged us and massacred people. As I speak with you, we are still picking up more dead bodies within the environment, so the number of the dead by now is more than 22 and we are fishing out more bodies as well.

“They are claiming they never touched my dad, how come my father can not walk appropriately as we talk. They fired straight into our father’s sitting room, they fired indiscriminately, killed and wounded some people. My father’s palace is messed up with blood, it is only in Biafra land they will so desecrate the palace of a royal father because they believe anything can happen here and nobody will say or do anything. Our father sustained waist injury as a result of the attack.

“The Nigerian army said they are on operation Python Dance in the South East, but the operation soldiers carried out at our home yesterday (Thursday) was ‘Operation kill everything visible.’ They killed our dog, even chickenS were not speared. They invaded everywhere and made away with my brother’s personal belongings including money and  certificates.”

Describing the soldiers that carried out the attack as villains, the IPOB leader’s brother said the real heroes were those they killed. “Killing unarmed people does not make the soldiers heroes but those they killed are the real heroes. You become a hero when you challenge somebody with the same position with you, with the same level of firearms, that’s when you become a hero, not going about killing people who are unarmed. What Nnamdi Kanu is preaching about Nigeria even affect the soldiers that were sent to come and kill him.

“What the Nigerian government or their military does not know is that the attack at our country home would not dampen Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB’s quest to actualize Biafra, rather it will serve as a boost.

"IPOB led by Kanu is a non-violent movement, Nnamdi Kanu cannot be afraid because he has not done anything wrong to anybody, what he is fighting for is freedom for his people so, I don’t know why anybody would want to kill him.”

He urged IPOB members to remain resolute and non-violent in their actions which he said has been what their leader had been preaching. He added that they should focus on the goal of the agitation which he said is far more important than what they are seeing now.

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