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Understanding what Teachers Do is the first Step to really Appreciating All they Do

Understanding what Teachers Do is the first Step to really Appreciating All they Do
By Orji Unique Amara

Recently on social media, parents/guardians post pictures of their kids damaging and littering the house. Parents are shouting, crying and lamenting.. They keep asking when schools will resume. 

The most interesting part of the one I saw was when a mother was shouting and saying "Teachers it's not good, please come and take them back..


  • Have you ever respected that teacher?
  • Have you ever appreciated that teacher?
  • Do you ever see that teacher as an essential person?
  • Do you acknowledge the fact that the teacher is your great human helper?

When last did you insult the teacher? (oh yes I gave that teacher the best insult of her life today) 90% of parents/guardians don't care about the above questions...

Paying your child's school fees doesn't give you the impetus to talk down, look down, insult, abuse or getting it physical with a teacher...

So many times children will come back home with lots of complaints  about their teachers, your next action is rush to the school, draw the teacher out, slap or ill-talk the teacher in front of students... Oh no WHERE'S YOUR CONSCIENCE?

How many teachers have lost there jobs because of you? How many have u denied respect?  (Think about that)

Now let's agree you have the teacher's number...but you only have the number to find out the well being of your child..

Have you ever called or texted the teacher to encourage him/her or have u called to remind him/her that they are doing a good job? Hmmmm

Orji Unique Amara
Orji Unique Amara
Have you ever given them a surprise gift of appreciation?

Ineffective communication and good relationship between parents and teachers can be a major obstacle in handling the children.

Now schools are on break, you're beginning to know the teachers Worth...

Reach out to teachers next academic session which will soon come, and show love to them...

Invite them on weekends, make them enjoy doing their works, never judge them and it will make them teach with joy, happiness, self worth and peace of mind.

Long live our teachers who are the bed rock of education.

Article written by Ms. Orji Unique Amara - The presenter @ The Unique Show!

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