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Nigeria's problem is Correction, not Recession - Frank Nneji

Frank Nneji
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ABC Transport Company, Mr. Frank Nneji has said that Nigeria's economy is not in recession, but needs a total correction.

"In Nigeria, we should be talking about correction, not recession, says the business mogul.

Mr. Nneji stated this on Saturday, in Aba, while speaking at the 2017 International Youth Day Conference held in Leadership Center in Aba, Abia State.

The event is a commemoration of world annual international youth day, which came every 12th August, powered by United Nations (UN), brought to Aba by Vision Alive Foundation.

Addressing the event, Mr. Nneji who came prepared told the youth who graced the event that the only problem in Nigeria is because the youth is not willing to see opportunity in every corner of the country.

He further stated that, though, the way the country is structured is killing businesses, especially those in the South East - while pointing out the lack of good roads, seaport, and lack of steady power supply in the country.

He added that in Nigeria, opportunities are everywhere, and the youth should engage their selves in something meaningful.

Narrating how he started his transport company, Mr. Nneji said, the youth should not cease to take a risk whenever they see an opportunity for good.

According to him, "while growing up, I wasn't expected to own a transport company, rather as a student I gave all my time in my studies. - I never dream that I could own a transport company, but I just did because I saw the opportunity and took it.

Speaking on the Nigeria's economic recession, he said, to him, the country is not in recession, but it needs correction by those at the helm of affairs.

He advised the federal government to look backward in the late 90's when the country was flourishing.

The ABC transport boss said the federal government should stop the dependence on oil in order to generate revenue, rather provide an enable environment to engage the youth in like Agriculture, Technology and Automobile.

Mr. Nneji said if proper correction can be done on the country's economy, we won't be talking about recession because the resources are there, it only needs to be harnessed.

Meanwhile, Prof. Pat Utomi, Sam Hart, and other dignitaries were present at the conference.

Mr. Frank Nneji
Pat Utomi and Sam Hart
Photo: (L-R): Prof. Pat Utomi and Sam Hart


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