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Vision Alive Foundation makes the U.N. International Youth Day a household name in South East Nigeria

"Vision Alive Foundation makes the U.N. International Youth Day a houshold name in South East Nigeria even as they organize the IYD conference again this year."

The holy grail of the Nigerian youths have been to locate a middle ground that would spur the much-needed synergy without losing face on any side. A coalition that can build peaceful leadership, fortify ideas that breed businesses, projects and repeatedly sharpen an atmosphere with a good measure of civilization.

The closest the average Nigerian youth ever got to a handshake was to be used as pons, either through political wrong doors or in many other deviant activities.

Full-blown thirtysomethings with sense of balance still roam the streets devoid of purpose and thereby abused by a class that should accommodate them in decision making and in leadership. Human resources have been given the wrong channel that leads to waste and stagnation.

We the youths should create an amalgam of hope for our state, our economy and our country. There are a lot of creative things we can do to make it come to pass and the International Youth Day Conference 2017 is a massive approach to defeat mediocrity and create purpose.

The South East Nigeria commemoration of the UN International Youth Day holds in Aba, Abia State on August 12, 2017 by 10 am prompt.

To Register, click http://bit.ly/Iyd2017

Registration is Free!

With Prof. Pat Utomi

Vision Alive Foundation makes the U.N. International Youth Day

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