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Read A Press Statement By Middle Belt Youths On Quit Notice to Igbo By Arewa Youth

Press Release By Middle Belt Youths On The Quit Notice To Igbo By Northern Youth Coalition.

Having carefully reviewed the dangerous implications of the quit notice issued to Igbo residents in the north by northern youth coalition to the peace and unity of Nigeria, we, the youth of Middle Belt under the aegis of the All Middle Belt Youth Forum AMBYF an independent command organ of the Middle Belt region wish to state as follows:

*That we the All Middle Belt Youth Forum condemn in very strong term the inciteful so called declaration by northern youth coalition in its entirety,as it is a deliberate act of driving a wedge between northerners and easterners.

*That the Middle Belt region is not part of the northern region. Hence, the All Middle Belt Youth Forum distance itself and the entire Middle Belt region from such obnoxious declaration.

*That it is an inalienable right of the Igbo people and every other Ethnic nationalities of Nigeria in accordance with the provision of section 41 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to reside in any part of Nigeria and go about their lawful businesses without molestation or intimidation by any person or group of persons representing any section of the country.

In conclusion therefore, the All Middle Belt Youth Forum, hereby strongly advise the northern youth coalition, in the interest of peace and national security, to move with all deliberate speed and retract the inciteful declaration.

Comr.Aluh Moses Odeh
Nat'l Leader
All Middle Belt Youth Forum
Comr Andzayi Jonathan
Nat'l Secretary
All Middle Belt Youth Forum


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