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North has hidden agenda over quit notice not because of Biafra day sit-at-home - Prof. Nwosu

Prof. A.B.C Nwosu
Ever since the Northern Coalition groups, under the aegis of AREWA Youths Forum issued 3 months ultimatum to Igbo people living in the North to vacate the region, many people have given their opinions over the threat.

The announcement of the quit notice which raised a lot of concern especially to Igbos living in the North has been condemned in different quarters, while the secession group, the members of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, welcomed the threat.

To the former Minister of Health, Prof. A.B.C Nwosu, the ultimatum by the Northern youths has a hidden agenda.

Nwosu said the ultimatum does not have anything to do with the May 30 sit-at-home observed in the South-East region, according to him; "I have been observing a sit at home for almost 50 years, I was not ordered by IPOB to sit at home. I have been sitting at home for almost 50 years.

"I observed it for cleansing, purification and the elevation of the soul. I am allowed to mourn anybody who died, and to choose a date for my mourning, as long as I don’t disturb anybody’s liberty. Whose liberty was disturbed by my staying at home? Did I disturb anybody’s liberty? Every other person was free to do what he or she wanted on that day. Why should my doing what I wanted be a problem?

I think the issue was that people decided therefore to find the peaceful way of showing their brethren and fellow citizens that they are not having a good deal. What is wrong with it? Nobody was hurt; no traffic was obstructed, what is the problem there?

That was not the reason for the quit notice. Somebody sat at home in his house and you said for that reason, he should go away. No, that wasn’t the reason; the reason was more deep-seated than that and until we know, we can’t comment.

Speaking on Biafra restoration being championed by the Nnamdi Kanu led leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nwosu said Biafra is not the issue, he opined that the federal government must design a programme to engage our youths.

He said; Igbos wanted Biafra in 1967, you (Nigeria) didn’t let them go, it cost me half of my left lung. I was a final year undergraduate, and I became an army officer. It cost me that in combat. I know what I’m talking about. They wanted it, you said no. By 1970,we went back, took our degrees and went out. How many years? It has not been mentioned, if it were the problem, why should I have been a minister in the country.

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