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JUST IN: Abia State Accountant General Threatens to expose gov Ikpeazu's Financial Fraud

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu
According to an online media platform, the Abia State accountant general, Sir Gabriel Onyendilefu has threatened to blow open the fraud going on in Abia State government if the governor refused to extend his stay in office.

The media platform known as Abia update alleged that Sir Onyendilefu who is due to leave office by September after two years of extension is not willing to leave office and had consistently blackmailed the governor into extending his service year.

Abia Update further alleged that a labour union activist, who spoke to them under anonymity, said sir Gabriel Onyendilefu was due for retirement inline with civil service regulations as at 2015, but it was extended for one year because the government had to cover up the massive fraud that the previous government used the office of the accountant general to perpetrate, and the month of his retirement which was September was very close to the electioneering period given his experience and vast knowledge in corporate fraud and the huge scam which he has sheltered, it was also reported that this has been causing problems at the Abia state civil service commission since his continuous stay in office as the states accountant general and a permanent secretary does not allow others in the pool to rise or get promoted as at when due.

Also the fear that if any other person enters the seat might expose the scam that happened under Onyendilefu’s watch also made the government to further extend his service year till 2016.

Information emanating from the Abia state accountant general’s office and made available to us through a senior staff in the office says that onyendilefu, commissioner for finance and governor is having a rough time right now because the governor wants him to leave office once his extension expires by September 2017.

But the accountant general who is nursing the ambition of going for the house of representatives by 2019 has threatened to expose the governor and his fraudulent activities if he dares relieve him of his duties come September, this has caused great disaffection between him and the commissioner of finance which he (Onyendilefu) has used every means possible to ensure that Mr. Obinna Oriaku the commissioner of finance will be dropped in the coming cabinet reshuffle which is due any time soon.

Our informant also said that Sir Gabriel Onyendilefu who ran to the former governor to inform him of what the governor is threatening to do also requested that he should put pressure on the governor to retain him and extend his service year for the third time with one extra year or he will expose all the atrocities that his office had been used to perpetrate by the past and present administration, he also requested that the commissioner for finance should be dropped or reassigned to a different office.

Meanwhile, a source in the office of the Accountant General has rejected the report, describing it as the figment of the imagination of the writer.

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