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Exposing, Imposing Curved Space[Electromagnetic Waves/Particles Continuum Sub Force] Dual Sub Dimensions

Exposing, Imposing Curved Space
What is curved space? Curved space or curved light is the electromagnetic waves/particles continuum sub force. The relationship between curved space and curved time [gravity waves/particles continuum sub force] can be expressed as c/1 is not equal to 1/c where c/1 and 1/c are curved space and curved time respectively.

Curved time which has two sub dimensions [past, present, present. future continuum] mirrors curved space in an infinitesimal sub dimension and is also a subset of the later.

The two sub dimensions of curved space are breadth, length, length, height continuum [long, longer, longest continuum]. Curved space in turn mirrors mass energy of which it is also a subset.

Thus mass energy exhibits dual sub dimensions simultaneously as obtainable in quantum sub universe (i.e) particles existing in two places simultaneously.

Together they form the curved space, time, mass energy continuum force. The other being the curved time, space mass energy continuum force.

[udenihc?] wrote fom nigeia via igbojewishgeniuscontinuum@yahoo.com

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