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Enugu: Ogurugu Needs A Riverport

Enugu: Ogurugu Needs A Riverport
By Udenihc Urugu

Ogurugu is a town in oil and gas rich uzo uwani local government area  of Enugu state, southeastern Nigeria. The Anambra river, a tributary of the river Niger; west Africa's longest river flows through the town.

A riverport should be constructed  at Ogurugu and linked via a railway line with the state capital, Enugu. To maximize the Riverport, an industrial park and an international market in the mold of the Onitsha main market in neighbouring Anambra state should be built within it's vicinity.

Besides,fulfilling the shipping requirements of the capital city, Enugu which is the commercial and industrial hub of the state,it can also serve the same purpose for the northern part of the country.

Also, northern Cameroon, Niger, Chad, etc can also benefit immensely from the Ogurugu Riverport.

The newly formed southeast development commission in conjunction with the Enugu state government finance the aforementioned projects.

Thus, Enugu state would shed it's status as a landlocked state and join it's counterparts in  southeastern Nigeria like Anambra [Onitsha] Imo [Oguta] and Abia [Obuaku city] that have or about to have a river/seaports.

Besides, Ogurugu town has the potential to supersede the capital Enugu as the economic hub of the state. Moreover, it would save lives and properties of people of southeast descent attracted by it's new status as an economic hub by serving as a safer, better and nearer place of abode.

Udenihc from Nigeria wrote via igbojewishgeniuscontinuum@yahoo.com

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