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Trump woos youngest Frenchman President Macron

Trump woos youngest Frenchman President Macron
Trump told Macron he is under "heavy" pressure back in the US on the climate accord brokered by the Obama administration in 2015.

"A lot of people in my country are against this agreement," Trump told Macron during their lunch, according to this person.

"We knew he was not going to make a decision at the G7" on climate, the French official said.

The President returns home on Saturday with dueling interests: satisfying new foreign diplomatic relationships and also appealing to his conservative and nationalist base.

On Saturday, as the summit concluded in Sicily, Macron said in a press conference that he hopes that US "fully remains" in the Paris Agreement, citing significant financial commitments from France.

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"Trump is a pragmatic person, I hope he will confirm his commitments, perhaps at his own pace."
The French official described an amiable rapport that the two leaders have swiftly struck. In preparations for the Trump-Macron lunch in Brussels, the White House team told its French counterpart to limit the meal to no more than an hour and 15 minutes.

The White House team also asked the French president to be "precise" in his conversation with Trump, the French official said. The lunch ended up running more than a half hour longer than anticipated.
Trump meets with Macron
President Trump meet with French President, Emmanuel Macron
It's not the first time the two have spoken. After the election, Trump called Macron to congratulate him on his victory. During the conversation, which was described as friendly, Trump denied that he had ever supported Marine Le Pen despite the fact that he had tweeted supportive comments of the National Front leader.

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"I didn't support this woman," Trump told Macron during the call. The official said Trump repeatedly referred to Le Pen as "this woman" in their conversation and never mentioned her by name, the official noted.

"I was never involved with her," Trump added according to this official.


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