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Showcasing the can-do Igbo Spirit: Innovations and Inventions from the South East

Ola Ndi Igbo
From 1967-1970, Nigeria was engaged in a bitter separatist war that saw the South East region of the country blockaded for 30 months, deprived of most basic amenities.

It took the sheer ingenuity, innovation and scientific audacity of the people to survive the blockade.  After the war, with little or no support many of the inventors of that period dispersed to other climes, and the innovative breakthroughs that would have seen Nigeria prosper were neglected.

Fifty years afterward, the neglect of innovation and inventions continues to be the trend in Nigeria, but the South Saharan Social Development Organisation under one of its programmes, Ola ndi Igbo is poised to change that by organizing an event that will showcase and support the inventions and innovations of people who are from or are resident in the South East of Nigeria.

The event is slated for the 18th of December 2017 in Enugu.

Its specific objectives include:

· An avenue where local innovations and inventions can be showcased
· A prize as incentive for Innovators and inventors incentives for more creative endeavors
· Local alternatives to local problems as a solution to the recession
· Capacity building in such areas as branding, marketing, running a business, planning, projections etc for the inventors and innovators
· An Avenue for networking opportunities between innovators, potential investors and the general public.

Interested person should visit www.olandiigbo.net for  more information and the application process.

Ola Ndi Igbo


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