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Prof George Obiozor reveals what Majority of Ndi-Igbo prefer

Prof George Obiozor
Nigeria’s former Ambassador to the United States of America, USA, Professor George Obiozor, has said that despite that the Igbo race in Nigeria has been marginalised and oppressed, but they do not want a disintegration, neither, the majority of Ndi-Igbo want nothing but a true federalism. 

This, as he asked the Federal Government to make haste by finding a solution to prevent the country from an eventual break up.

Prof Obiozor, who spoke on the “Big Ideas Podium,” at the African Heritage Institute, Enugu, cautioned that political goodwill was needed to ensure decisive action which would guarantee the rights of all the citizens regardless of ethnic, regional or religious affiliation.

Obiozor said: “It is clear that unless the leaders learn the lesson of history and act soon, the call‎ for restructuring will be followed by calls for national referendum (on the way forward).

“Indeed, the referendum option is already here with us and looms high as national and international agenda to settle the Nigeria national question.

“And those who think they can stop it must take a second look at the present international system. All over, the world is rejecting unity without justice and peace without justice.

“I know for instance that majority of Igbo prefer a united Nigeria but not unity of slaves and masters and also want peace ‎but not peace of the grave yard. Nigeria is in Jeopardy but the problems are not insurmountable.”

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