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Osinbajo: Buhari handed over to me as 'acting president', not as 'govt coordinator'

Osinbajo and Buhari
The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has declared that the President actually handed over power to him - Amid controversy over the letter President Muhammadu Buhari sent to the National Assembly, wherein he said Osinbajo will “coordinate” government activities.

In his response to a question on Twitter, Osinbajo said power was transferred to him.

One Bernard Amaiguo,  tweeting via @benamaigwo, had asked: “Mr. Vice President, why did Mr. President refuse to hand over the affairs of the country to you?”

Osinbajo, in his response, said the President did hand over power to him which automatically made him an acting president, instead of government 'coordinator'.

The vice president, responding @ProfOsinbajo, said: “He did Sir. He transmitted a letter to the Senate in compliance with S.145 (1) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).”

Buhari, in letter sent to the National Assembly on his medical vacation, stated that the vice-president would “coordinate the activities of the government” in his absence.

This was different from a letter he sent to the National Assembly when he embarked on a similar trip to the UK in January. At the time, he wrote that the vice-president would “perform the duties of my office” in his absence.


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