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No! He is not Jesus; It's Our Traditional Way Of Greeting A Crowned Prince

Nnamdi Kanu
By Ngozi Onwukwe

A response to an online debate on a viral photo that showed some members of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, bowed down to greet their leader, Prince Nnamdi Kanu.

What is wrong with this photo? Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a crown Prince of Afaraukwu Ibeku Kingdom, which, as such, deserved to be respected while greeting.

Ndi-Igbo can't lose their dignity because of political interest, or a mere trend of technology. Bowing down to greet a crowned Prince is never a taboo in our culture, forget about sentiments, Mazi Kanu deserved the due respect.

As a crowned Prince, rules are whenever he is passing by, anyone he met on the road must bow down to receive a blessing from him, that's the Igbo tradition in the oldies, but today, western world is teaching us how to greet and how to respond to King's families.

Before you debate on why people should bow down before Mazi Kanu, ask any Igbo around you the tradition and culture of Ndi-Igbo on how they respond to King's families via greetings.

If Yoruba's and Hausa's can bow down to greet their monarchs, why would Ndi-Igbo be an exception? Last time I checked, a crowned Prince was an heir to the throne, if the King finally gave up to the ghost - although, this days Kings are appointed by the Governor's which is very wrong and abominable, because kings are born not made.

Apart from being a crowned Prince, Mazi Kanu is well respected in Igboland, as someone who determined to lead his people out of misery and slavery, his call for Biafra restoration is genuine and that's why he also been respected and well treated with honor and dignity.

It's never a taboo to bow down to greet a crown prince, and yes, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu deserves the respect.

No! He is not Jesus, it depends on the path you're coming it from.

It's our tradition!

If you're not convinced, try and watch Nollywood movies, especially the one that happens to do with Kings and Palace. That should teach you some Igbo traditions.

Note: In Igbo tradition and culture, women bow down to greet their husband, elders and kings.

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