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Introduction of political violence,killings and destruction under Ikpeazu's watch

Abia State
By Uche Aguoru

Barely few days to the May 12th judgment, which I have for the sake of convenience, chosen to tag the "judgment that will make or Mar Abia"

The Ikpeazu camp have once again been engrossed in an open display of political desperation and violence, threatening and in most cases actually carrying out their threats against any one who openly disagrees with their political propensity.

In some of the instances, Mr. Emma Uche Adimoha escaped death in the hands of suspected assassins in his home town Arochukwu about two months ago, and investigations allegedly conducted so far,  are pointing at some people from government house Umuahia as being behind it.

In the same vein Mr. Chima Obiwuru, an ardent critique of the Ikpeazu administration has always complained of receiving threatening calls from unknown persons demanding that he should stop criticizing their principal Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu or risk being kidnapped.

After reading Maxwell Nwadike's account of how they have been threatening to deal with him and his family members, and even go the extra point of threatening to set ablaze his properties located in Abia, it kept me thinking of how desperate people can get, in their efforts to hang on to power.

I decided not to take their threats lightly any more, having been of the knowledge that such a similar threat has been issued and carried out by Ikpeazu's supporters on Mr. Chigozie Onyeukwu Ubani, with his house burnt down in the middle of the night for being in opposition to Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu during the elections, the case of physical threat and abuse by Ikpeazu's men last month on Mr. Destiny Nwagwu and his family also from Obingwa is still fresh and open in the police diary at zone 9 Umuahia.

I have been receiving similar threats from the Ikpeazu camp, though I have always taken steps to guard my self, but the most direct and most recent is the threat by Onyii Nwamah, the permanent secretary government house, Umuahia.

I ran into Onyii Nwamah at a joint where I went to eat isiewu in umuahia with friends, he was seated in company of some of his friends who coincidentally are my friends and whom I have known outside politics for years before Ikpeazu became governor, I exchanged pleasantries with them and headed straight to my table with my friends.

A few minutes later while we were waiting to be served, Mr. Nwamah called on one of my brothers who came with me,  a former deputy chairman of Umuahia north LGA, Chief Chinedu Obilor (Iyierioba) and asked him to warn me that if I don't stop criticizing Dr. Ikpeazu's government, that he will personally send Abala Ngwa boys after me to deal with me the Ngwa way, putting it straight the way he said it in Igbo "anyi ga eme ya ihe' ka ndi ngwa" as soon as the message got to me, my mind raced back to some time last month that I got a call from a friend saying that Onyii Nwamah called him and was asking that he should warn me to stop criticizing his government.

Not being one, who gives in to threats or intimidation, I have repeatedly said "that no amount of threat or intimidation will stop me from voicing out against bad governance, neither am I afraid of he that can take the flesh, I am only afraid of he, that can take both the flesh and the soul and that is God almighty in whom we all will render accounts of our stewardship on earth some day.

I have taken adequate measures at protecting myself and I have reported the matter to the adequate authorities,I have also taken it a step further by reporting the matter to my town union, the Ohuhu Welfare Union and Ohuhu solidarity forum.

If I know what governance is all about, the governor cannot claim absolute ignorance of these threats on people, as I am very sure that no singular information escapes the governors notice.

The threats are not limited to those openly criticizing the misgovernance, fraudulent and irresponsible leadership pattern of the present administration, Abians in general are also being threatened with violence and warnings of possible mayhem to be unleashed on them if the may 12th judgment goes against Dr. Ikpeazu.

It therefore becomes worrisome and denotes high level desperation to reintroduce gangsterism and politics of killing and destruction in the Abia political culture.

There are many of such threats being issued daily to so many voices that has been speaking out in condemnation of the bad governance going on in Abia today.

No, one person or group, has monopoly of violence and leadership is not forced on people, respect is earned not enforced, and a government that lacks the trust of the people is not fit to continue in power.

No government not even the worst military dictatorship had succeeded in silencing opposition, despite the use of force, the only antidote to criticism is good, responsive and responsible governance and not brute force or violence.

Power is transient and that you are in the seat of power today does not guarantee a life time hold on to power at any level.

Abia is for all of us, and my prayer is that God will bless and keep Abia and Abians so that we all will remain alive to see the days that Abians will Rejoice.

Uche Aguoru | Writes from Umuahia
Op-Ed: Content and contribution are solely the opinion of the author, and does not represent the opinion policy of Abacityblog.

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