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EEDC Outrageous Bill: A Typical Daylight Robbery On Aba Residents

By Ngozi Onwukwe

Aba residents have endured the high level of darkness in the commercial city, a city filled with business minded individuals, a city which requires a steady power supply for the smooth sailing of every business in a city tagged as Japan of Africa.

But in reality, reverse is the case, before it was National Electric Power Authority (NEPA), Today, it's Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC). Which Aba has suffered a lot from their hands.

They have robbed us like thieves in a broad daylight. Their monthly power bills is very outrageous and unbearable. It's time to call them to order.

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A resident of  Umuode village in Aba, Abia State, David Nnachi, has narrated to AbaCityBlog how EEDC issued them an outrageous power bill which was far from what they used to pay.

He called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to look into the matter before it degenerate.

Narrating to AbaCityBlog, Nnachi said; EEDC used to issue N7,000 as a monthly power bill for their 6 rooms apartment. But recently, the bill rises to N68,000 which they find it difficult to pay.

"We can't afford to pay the money is too much,six rooms, EEDC is charging us N68,000 - the bill is too much, Nnachi exclaimed.

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Yes! We have steady light, but at a point EEDC came in...we paid money for the new installation of transformers, 300 Naira per room, and a few months later, we pay another 3000 Naira.

Why do we pay such fees? Does it mean governor Ikpeazu can't provide transformers to the Village? Nnachi asked!

Speaking further, he said; Early this year our transformers broke down, we paid money, each room N3000 per room.

The N3000 is for new transformer, after that the transformer broke down again we still paid another N3000,  moreover, we do pay our EEDC power bill every month despite the inability of our transformer to give us light, Nnachi added.

Below is the softcopy of the paid electricity bill, which was sent to us by the affected resident, Mr. David Nnachi.

Last year June, the six rooms apartment was charged N10,911.61 by EEDC.

Nnachi's six rooms apartment was charged N62, 669.65 for Energy used in April 2017
Although, the receipt above shows N7,000 paid by the six rooms apartment out of the N68,000
Is time to call EEDC to order, we are still expecting action from the state government.

It will be recalled that Abia State house of Assembly was last month, April, passed a vote of no confidence on EEDC, but the motion which was sponsored by the deputy speaker of the house, Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe seems to have been aborted, as the motion gathers no momentum.

EEDC is daylight robbers on the residents of Aba, as businesses are closing, companies are relocating because of the EEDC Outrageous bill, despite their inability to give steady power supply.


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