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Chief Emeka Kalu: How elected govt Officials abused the title; "Excellency"

Chief Emeka Kalu
To the former governorship aspirant of  All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief Emeka Charles Kalu, the accolade known as "His Excellency" has been "misused" and "abused" by the elected officials in Nigeria, especially the Governors.

The Eminent businessman was pointing out following the poor performance of some, so called Governors in Nigeria.

In an interview with Ngozi Onwukwe of AbaCityBlog, Chief Kalu stated a lot of things, and he also revealed the way forward.

When asked his view considering the poor performance of elected officials over the years, and how he view the use of the accolade excellency for them?

He said; According to Oxford dictionary, Excellence means being outstanding or extremely good.
This word in my view has been abnormally used " abused" so to say in our society.

In this part of the world, the title is used to address highly placed state officials like state governors etc.

However these highly placed officials in our country have in every way and by every act shown that they do not deserve such accolade.

Unlike the dictionary definition, there is no measure of excellence whatsoever in the conduct of the so called state officials.

With most of the elected state officials believing that political office is a gateway to wealth, service to the people has not only taken the back seat but has become extinct in the minds of these people.

Statistics from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) showed as at September 28th, 2006 that 15 out of 31 State governors were already going to be charged to court, while investigations continued for the remaining 16. And since then many more have either been convicted or still facing various charges and allegations. 

So where lies the excellence?

Currently most of the so called "Excellencies" are owing salaries, pensions, lack focus and the required foresight to move their states forward.

Time has come for elected state officials to live up to that accolade" Excellency".
It is expected that service to the people should be delivered excellently.

Programs must be well articulated and executed properly and promptly.
Political patronage and personal aggrandizement should not be the basis of formulating programs and projects.

Developmental gains must take the front seat when initiating programs and policies.

Asked about what he thinks about the followership, if they also should be blamed?

Chief Kalu said; At this point I must also point out that the followership has a part of the blame. The docility on the path of the governed must stop. The people must hold the elected officials accountable.

It is not enough to reel out manifestos during electioneering campaigns only to jettison them after victory. The officials must be held to their promises.

The former governorship aspirant also spoke on the way forward.

According to himThe electorate must evaluate performance and apply the outcome as basis for continuous support to the officials. And not base their support on ethnic, tribal or primordial sentiments.


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