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Birthday Bash: Meet Chisom Cynthia, 300L Medical Biochemistry, She has A Message for everyone

Chisom Cynthia
Life on campus can be extremely exciting, some days, it can be filled with so much hurdles, and mostly, thinking about your future, and the expectation of the people who sent you to study, precisely your parents can be one of the reasons why you will have to focus to get the best of your degree.

To Chisom Cynthia Udekwu, Anambra State born 300 level Medical Biochemistry, of Cross River State University of Technology, everything about campus and studies are always fun, unless you did not see it from the path she is coming from.

19 years old Chisom Cynthia was recently featured on AbaCityBlog Birthday Bash, as she is going to celebrate her 20th birthday on 27th May, 2017. She speaks more about her life, hobbies and worst moment, but she was very sketchy on her love life.

Below is the interview Excerpt, with Ngozi Onwukwe of AbaCityBlog

Question: Hi young lady, can you tell us about yourself?

I'm Chisom Cynthia Udekwu, but I'm actually called Somy by my friends

I'm from Anambra State, Njikoka precisely. From a family of 3 of which I'm the last                      

I would be 20 by Saturday, 27th May, and I'm a student of Cross Rivers State University of Technology.

Question: Wow! A student, and what's the course you studying?

I am a 300 level Medical Biochemistry

Question: You look good and it seems school never affect you like it affect others, can you tell us your secret?

Well, the secret is simple, I'm always  myself, I don't do anything special apart from reading books., and have my normal look, no artificial.

Question: What's your worst moment while at school?

My worst moment is when I was sick..to a point of death, It was terrible, Again, when I had a quarrel with my friend Every one was just mad at me, I felt like I should just enter the ground, I feel so much embarrassed and unhappy.

Also, my worst moment is when I found out I had a carry over I felt so embarrassed and so sad.

Question: What are the most difficult times you have experienced in School?

It feels so difficult when I'm broke, things become hard. Again when we have to write a test we did not prepare for especially when you know it's a 3 credit unit course, you need to see how difficult it becomes.
Chisom Cynthia
Question: Few days ago, you posted some photos on social media where you pose with Guitar, can you tell us about your hobbies, are you a guitarist?

No! I'm not a guitarist, but I love Music, Dancing, Singing, Watching Movies

...(cut in) Do you go to Church or Mosque? What is your religion? Are you a Muslim?

Laughs* Of course I'm a Christian

Question: You're going to clock 20 in a few days coming, can you tell us how you are going to celebrate your birthday?

Yeah! I'm going to clock 20 on Saturday 27th May, 2017, but I am going to celebrate it with a few of my friends only.

It would have been a full party, but the recession is affecting everyone. Laughs*

Question: As a student who successfully got admission and in her 300L, What advice do you have for the Jambites?

My advice for those looking for admission into University is, don't skip lectures, it's extremely important. Read well, but don't kill yourself and above all, God first.

Be prayerful.

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