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Biafra Day: IPOB orders market closure on May 30

Biafra Day
The Indigenous People of Biafra on Thursday said there was no going back on its plan to mark the remembrance of the fallen heroes of the Biafra War with a sit-at-home protest in the South-East and South-South regions of the country on May 30.

The planned protest, which is to coincide with the annual ‘Biafra Remembrance Day’, would also be used to honour the memory of pro-Biafra activists who lost their lives in various encounters with security agencies.

IPOB, in a statement released by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, said all markets in the erstwhile Biafra territories must be closed on May 30.

The statement also said that there shall be no vehicular movement in the areas from 12am on May 29 until 12am on May 30.

“We advise Biafrans home and abroad, no matter your place of residence in Biafra and Nigeria alike, to make sure you terminate your journey before 12 midnight on May 29, 2017 as there would be no vehicular movement anywhere in Biafra land one minute past 12am on the 30th.

“All markets in Biafra land and motor parks must shut down, including the Ogbo Ogonogo Market and all the street markets in Ahaba (a.k.a Asaba) and parts of Biafra land.

“We (will) draw the attention of the world to Biafra land on that day. The death of our soldiers and agitators can never be in vain,”

“The countdown to the May 30, 2017 Remembrance Day has begun. We, the Indigenous People of Biafra, under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wish to reiterate once again that our May 30 remembrance of our fallen heroes and heroines remains a priority for every Biafran both home and abroad, no matter the efforts by the Nigerian government-paid saboteurs and threats from security operatives designed to discourage the general public from sitting at home as ordered by our leader.

“The saboteurs and agents cannot stop us from honouring our fallen heroes because it is our inalienable right to remember and honour those who died in the struggle for Biafra independence.”

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