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Biafra: Anyone tells you to boycott Anambra election is an enemy of Ndi-Igbo - Agba Kalu

Sir Peter Agba Kalu
Sir Peter Agba Kalu
A senior writer at The Sun Newspaper Limited, Sir Peter Agba Kalu, has lent out his voice countering the call by the secessionist group, Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, to boycott the Anambra governorship election coming up on November 2017.

Recall that the group leadership have told its members to boycott the election, citing all they want is Biafra republic, adding that they will not participate in any election in Nigeria.

But, Kalu in a post he published on his social media page, pointed out that who ever that is calling for the boycott of the upcoming election in Anambra State because of Biafra does not mean well for Ndi Igbo.

According to him; Please ignore such non sophisticated approach in this modern time.

A good governor in Anambra will develop Ala Igbo future. We cannot be abusing our people who abandoned Ala Igbo to go and develop Lagos and Abuja, and at the same time work against a good leadership in Ala Igbo that will develop our infrastructures.

How boycotting the November, Anambra election will quicken Biafran restoration is something I am yet to comprehend. All the ideological theories they have thrown up are not but stupidity rampaging as wisdom.

The next Anambra governor is going to determine the level of development we will have in our educational system, health, security, infrastructural development etc. Should we handover the future of our children to incompetent hand who might destroy our children's future?

There are children born today who will not have another opportunity to attend primary and secondary school. Should we destroy their opportunity of having a sound education today. How then are we going to get scientists, economist and lawyer etc who will drive the great vision we have for Biafra tomorrow?

You see why I said that the boycott Anambra election is nothing but ignorance rampaging as wisdom. Those projecting that naive school of thought failed from day one to invest critical thinking into their crude ideology.

Go get your voters card. Your card is a strong weapon to help elect someone that can transform Ala Igbo into one of the best tourist and investment destination in the world.

Your vote determines the future of our children. Your vote creates employment, eliminates crime, reduces death during pregnancy, curtains and curtails kidnapping etc.

That's the power of your vote. That's what someone out of sheer ignorance want to deny you. 

Please tell me; how will staying away from the election and bringing someone that will under-develop Anambra help bring about Biafra?

I am a Biafran who wants the best for my people because of my love for anything Igbo.

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