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Stopping Keke drivers operating from 7pm In Aba - A wickedness from Abia State Govt

Stopping Keke drivers operating from 7pm In Aba
By Obinna Uche Uzoije

In the business world, you spend 20 Naira to make 2000 Naira but in leadership you spend 2000 Naira to save 20 Naira.

The fact that Keke drivers started using their vehicles to kidnap people doesn't justify the decision of the government that everybody in Aba should trek home if work closes later than 7pm.

The city of Aba is a very productive place and this couples with the fact that the economic situation of the country has made people to even spend more man hours at work. Ipso facto, they come back late.

Some stand at junctions, struggle for very exorbitant and worn out taxis and find their way home. 80% of these people walk home everyday and I candidly do not see this as a government that is serving the people.

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In states governed by saner people, coaster buses are everywhere. These buses make transporting very cheap and has a lot of room to carry passengers.

If our government was thinking without scoring own goals, they will put strategies to will cover for the common man that doesn't own a Prado SUV and doesn't have the 100 Naira to pay from Brass junction to Okigwe road every day before removing the Keke drivers from the streets at night.

(PHOTOS): Keke (Tricycle) Operators In Aba Protest Against Extortion of N50 by Police

People are suffering badly in Aba and we've been keeping quiet. Nobody is saying anything.

Ndewo nu ndi k'anyi.

-Obinna Uche Uzoije writes from Aba


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