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S4report.com - a multi DISCO Complaint portal is officially open for the members of the public

Now You Can Make Electricity Power Related Complaints Online FREE

The system which was built by Spark Media - a leading communications company in the power sector - will allow electricity consumers report all forms of electricity issues including power outage complaints, electricity theft and corrupt practises by DisCo officials directly to the DISCO management.

According to Mr. Chinedu Amah - Spark Media CEO, “S4 stands for SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING and was borne out of the need to support the sanitisation and growth in the power sector.

We realised some of the biggest issues slowing down the growth of the Nigerian power sector are human factors which can be tackled directly. These are electricity theft, non payments, customer service failures and corruption on both sides of the fence”

The Web App www.S4Report.com ​is the first of a kind in Nigeria and it is aimed at fostering better relationship between electricity consumers and the Electricity distribution companies (DisCos), while also helping the DisCos easily pick up and track consumer complaints.

The S4 App is already being used by Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED) and more DISCOs will be turned on shortly. It has already gained widespread praise from industry stakeholders and customers alike for its user friendly interface - which allows customers report their power issues via a few easy steps. Presently, the web app can be easily accessed by logging on to www.S4report.com with any internet enabled device.

S4 application features Anonymous Reporting and it gives the DISCO the direct access to track and tackle the issues in real time. Reports are sent to specially trained customer care consultants and once processed can be transmitted through the same report channels to notify the customer of the completion of the issue. It's completely free to use.

The S4 App will also allow the distribution companies identify and monitor consumer behaviours and this will invariably foster better services in the power sector.

NB: http://www.s4report.com currently redirects to sparkonline.com.ng/report - which has the reporting interface. The App itself can be accessed directly on s4report.com/report


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