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Outrageous bill: Abia House of Assembly passes Vote of No Confidence On EEDC

Outrageous bill: Abia House of Assembly passes Vote of No Confidence On EEDC
Following the outcry by the residents of Aba and business owners over the outrageous bill from Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), the Abia State House of Assembly yesterday, passed a vote of no confidence on the firm.

Raising the motion by the deputy speaker of the house, Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe, he stated that EEDC services have become more epileptic and the bills more dubious and fraudulent.

Stressing that Abia busineses are dying, hospitals can no longer perform simple and routine operations that require electricity. House holds are being systematically improvished.

Contrary to the motion raised, Abia Assembly members unanimously agreed they can not continue to watch Abians pay for darkness.

Coming to the conclusion that:

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1. That the Chairman, Abia State Chapter of Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) should be summoned to explain this untold hardship EEDC is causing to Abians by way of illegal estimated bills wherein habitual fraud of over-billing is exercised by staff of EEDC.

2. That this house hereby passes A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE on EEDC and the clerk should communicate same to them in writing.


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