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What really do we benefit from government as citizens?

By Sir Udo Ahaiwe

What is the benefit of being a citizen?

Think about this, government is established to serve the citizens but what have you benefited from government as a citizen? Does our government serve the citizens?

We pay our hospital bills ourselves.
We build our houses ourselves.
We drill our borehe holes and provide ourselves water.
We pay money to get government employment even after paying heavily for low quality University education.
We pay to be issued Identification from our LGA of origin.
We raise fund ourselves to bring electricity to our community.
When electricity pole fall or transformer develop fault we contribute money to repair it ourselves and still pay electricity bill at an arbitrarily fixed rate.

Many of our roads remain bad with open drainages breeding mosquito and making hospital visit for those living around them a regular affair.
What really do we benefit from government as citizens? The things we pay heavily for are things citizens of developed countries enjoy for free. Yet day by day we hear about millions and billions of money politicians in government spend on things that are not provided.

I believe the problem is in those who now run the system of government. They are the reason why our struggles seem not to produce result. They are the reason why government exploit the citizens rather than serve them.

We can choose to believe we cannot do anything about our political system and endure until we pass away or we can choose to recreate the system with all the possible possibilities we can add in the new system.

I bring you good news of the new beginning in politics. A new dispensation different from the old dispensation of PDP, APC, APGA, and their likes is emerging. I believe in the new future of possibilities.

Join us in UPP to give Nigeria the kind of politics that will deliver her from her present political system starting here in Abia State in 2019.
WhatsApp @ 08099208812.



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