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Firms wants to partner with the Aba artisan who made a Bullet Proof Vest

Last week, Abacityblog published a photo of an Aba artisan who made a bullet proof vest, the photo was shared viral as people get marveled at the knowledge of an average Aba man.
Aba artisan who made a bullet proof vest
Aba, the great Enyimba city is a commercial hub in Abia State, a city filled with talented individuals who are business minded people. No wonder it's called the Japan of Africa!

The photo of the man, which we published generated a lot of audience on social media and on our website. It was pictured while at Made In Aba trade fair held in Abuja, last week.

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We have requested to meet the man in person, and we will update it when we meet him.

As of now, about two firms are looking for the man, and we believe it will be good to announce it.

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