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Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu as a down to Earth Leader - by Comrade Kelvin

Dr Orji Uzor Kalu
Comrade Kelvin with Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu
By Comrade Kelvin

Human beings were created by God to love one another and not to hate each other. For a leader to be famous and loved among those he or she is leading, that leader must be accessible, and for you as a leader to be accessible, you must poses the spirit of agape love all over you. I choose to throw this open because of what is going on in Abia State today, those leading Abia today can only be accessible when it comes to political campaign and failed promises after being voted in, they'll turn around to see their supporters as pest. 

The inability of a political leader to deliver his campaign promises and work makes his supporters to turn away their faces from him and not to be loved,and all they now do is to use all means to rig elections when it comes to electioneering. One candid advice about all this is that you will never be in power forever.

I brought up this question inside a bus on my way traveling to down Abuja Is ORJI UZOR KALU LOVED AS A LEADER? I haven't even finished my question a mature lady in her 50's says "hey my brother don't compare please, apart from late Chukwuemeka odimegwu Ojukwu, Orji Uzor Kalu is the next political leader that have fans till date.

When I was schooling in Abia State University in political science department, Orji Kalu as a serving governor was my course mate and could you believe that he came to class one day when we were having a lecture, no siren was heard and me being the serious-minded kind of person was so focused that Orji Kalu was asking me to please shift for him to sit down and I bluntly refuse, he went ahead and sat in another seat, it was later i turned around and noticed that it was him and i shouted "oh ! my god your excellency i'm sorry please and he replied Evenly I'm sorry for disturbing you, I came late because I went to see how those in the hospital are responding to treatment and to pay their bills, I will not be late next time.

We all laughed and he gave everybody 2000 naira each for lunch and gave me 3000 says mine was different his penalty for disturbing me, so my brother Orji Kalu is a self free leader with a heart of Gold I will always speak well of my course mate she says".

In an interactive section with some businessmen at Ubani market in Abia State another man by name Mazi Okafor Emeka popularly known as Oga Emmy said Orji Kalu is more loved because when you always see your governor why won't you love him, I will grade Orji Kalu a pass mark of B because when he was our governor his official car was a coaster bus, he never rode in a tinted car and whenever he is attending a function we do see him and cheer him up.

What baffles me much is when he normally step out to take a long walk to the event venue just because he was stopped by fans/supporters so these tells us that atleast he was not hiding and this issue of 'if you are not in our party you are our enemy' never happened in his administration, I can recall that it all started in 2010 and i hope every other governors will also try to reach out to the masses the way Orji Kalu did.

Orji Kalu, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton are good friends until Nelson Mandela left the mother earth. For you to be a friend to a great leader also gives credit to you of being great, and also it tells that you are loved by that leader. I was previledge to meet with some past governors that served in Obasanjo's adminstration last year and my means of direct access to them was at the mention of Orji Uzor Kalu's name.

These past governors are:

Dr Peter Odili(River state)
Donald Duke (Crossriver)
Sen Adamu Aliero(kebbi)
Achike Udenwa(Imo state)
Sen Rabiu Kwankwaso(Kano)
Asinwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu(Lagos)

All this leaders made remarks about Orji Kalu in terms of his leadership.

Dr. Peter Odili told me that Orji Kalu is a brave and fearless political leader so far the East is being mentioned, and why he loves him is simply because he speaks the truth and always gives room for people to gain access to him and that is one task a good leader should have, I hope you understood that he said,that is why i am also loved in my state because my people gained access to me.

On the other hand the day I went to Lagos on a courtesy visit to the "Jagaban" Asinwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu there were much people in his office but immediately he saw my note that I am boy to his excellency Orji Uzor Kalu he immediately ordered his personal aide to let me.

While speaking to me he said " I feel so pity for my good friend OUK because the hungry dog he picked up on his way home and fed well have turn around to bite him, I know how many times Orji Kalu visited Lagos to make peace between me and my successor, in return I tried to do same for him but the greed and power of been in office made his successor not give room for me to come in as a peace maker between them, but one thing about Orji Uzor Kalu my good friend your leader is that his popularity never dies and can never be compared in the East with anyone, and he has a forgiving spirit.

He continued, any politician that want to be successful must have a clean heart unless no one will love and follow him. Till tomorrow Orji Kalu have great fans, supporters and followers not only in his state but all over Nigeria, my friend B.B Apugo says Orji Kalu always slow down and step out of his car whenever he is been crowded by supporters and fans that has always been his way.

You see if you are not a nice person no one will love you, not more of crowding your car to cheer you up, all this signs is that they missed you so much. Orji uzor kalu is loved in Nigeria, our leaders from the west, south loves him even the Norths and that is the way the leaders in east loves me because we socialise and we know what leadership is all about.

Now Kelvin what do you think about Orji Kalu your leader?

In other to save time so he can attend to other persons these are my little contributions to my great leader Orji Uzor Kalu to Tinubu as I answered him. Your excellency I am a comrade and I have the aluta spirit in me, I love my leader so much when he stood as a freedom fighter to liberate the university of Maiduguri students from the school management as the then student union leader he fought a just cause and that made him popular.

When Gov Fashola was not happy with the Igbo's here  in Lagos it was my leader Orji Uzor Kalu that can to solicit on behalf of my people the Igbo's and Gov Fashola gave ears to his plead that also made him popular, the glory he brought to Enyimba as the then best football club in Africa made him more popular and all his good deed too numerous to mention oh I forgot his love to Nysc members made him popular till date and I can never forget this words from him.

"I made all I have today in my youthful age, I will always allow youths gain access to me and others because I was once a student leader, one term house of Representative member and a former governor of my state all in my youths, if I cannot allow people gain access to me how will I know their problem and how to assist? That is why my gate and phone numbers are widely open to all with good intentions, the way I treat myself that is how i treat other people - Orji Uzor Kalu

By Comrade Kelvin, he writes from Lagos


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