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Choosing A Career With Orji Florence Amara

Orji Florence Amara
Miss Orji Florence Amarachi - A Mass Communication graduate from federal polytechnic Oko, Anambra State. She is a student of Pefti Film Institute who have the passion to be an On Air Personality (OAP).

She is a hardworking, creative, ever humble to learn, and a good team player who promotes synergy.

She is currently doing a campaign on how to choose a career while at the youthful age - her campaign comes in handy following the situation in Nigeria today, which has made us to forget the real thing we the youth supposed to discuss.

We all know how political news has become the order of the day. Nobody is talking about choosing a career... How to become responsible in life.

Fast money making has become so trendy that we forget that there are other needful things we need to do to enable the forthcoming generation benefit from us.

Are we actually going to leave a legacy behind for our unborn children?

That is one of the biggest questions we ought to ask ourselves.

Most of our parents today isn't thinking about the best career for their kids.

But we all should think about it.

Watch and listen to Orji Florence Amara - @uniqqy in this two minutes educative video.

Watch below:


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