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Ama Nmon In Aba South gets Abia State Attention

by Emma Onuoha

I was in Aba all through the weekend, in the most remote part of the city where they call Amanmon (whatever that means), this place is the most rural part of Aba, neglected overtly since the creation of Abia State, I learnt the area was last worked on in the old Imo State.
Ama Nmon In Aba South gets Abia State Atterntion
Ama Nmon In Aba South, Abia State
Having lived in this area for over 22 years, I must say that this is my first time of seeing government do anything in this area apart from collecting taxes, from the construction of Ibere, Onyebuchi, Ibadan and Agharandu Streets to the grading of almost all the major but very deplorable streets in the area with good water way particularly umuosi/hightaste road.

This may sound very minor to many, but not to me because I know the lost I have suffered because of the condition of the area.

I must confess, most people living in this area had never seen government in action until now,
For the first time in many years to see vehicles move freely in this area in a relatively smooth road.
For the first time to see the streets waterlog free after a heavy downpour.

For the first time we feel like human beings who live in a city with a leader.

I must commend the present government of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu for remembering this area, where the majority of Ndi Aba lives. We will no longer feel like second hand citizens just because we were unfortunate to have our properties in Amanmon part of Aba South LGA.

We are believing God that a whole lot more developmental projects will get to this area under this administration within a short while.

May God uphold your hand to complete all the good works started already in the area.

By Emma Onuoha, A Resident of Aba.


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