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Aba and Illegal Motor Park; What Abia Govt Isn't telling us

Aba the commercial city of Abia State, has been nicknamed lot of names, this is because of the illegality going on in the city. Most annoying part of it is the high rate of touts, otherwise parading their selves as agbero.
Abia State Commissioner for Transport, Barr. (Mrs.) Nnenna Obewu Onwuka
The Honorable Commissioner for Transport, Barr. (Mrs.) Nnenna Obewu Onwuka (woman second from right)
This development has given residents of Aba sleepless night, while some has already joined the league.

Have you ever heard the word that said, If you can't beat them, you join them?

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That is the current situation in Aba, especially the transportation sector, where there is an illegal motor park everywhere.

A man once told Abacityblog that if you don't open your eyes, this boys will collect every Naira you make right here in this motor park!

I asked the man who is patiently waiting for passengers to fill-in his vehicle, sir, I thought there were rules and regulation guiding this motor park? He smiled, and said, My brother this is Aba, and this park is illegal, it's owned by Oga at the top. Every park you see us loading that is not main motor park is being bought by someone at the top and the state government knows about it.

Government can't say they don't know them, they know them one by one, they call it (pit). So, here we are is someone's pit, and you must abide to their rules, if you can't, then go to main park and wait for turn.

I couldn't utter any word after his explanation, because I have come across those media hyping how the Abia State government claimed to have been fighting very hard to put a stop to illegal park mostly in Aba.

The man's explanation brings us to a statement made by the Abia State Commissioner for Transport, Barr. (Mrs.) Nnenna Obewu Onwuka, recently said that, all motorists, parking at illegal points and spots should, with immediate effect, reverse to authorized parks.

In an interview she granted recently, she vowed that the era of lawlessness would not be condoned again, as security agency have been empowered by the State government to arrest and prosecute any defaulter.

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Madam commissioner, Aba motorists is still operating every park, Please help us point out the illegal motor park in Aba, because every corner in the city of Aba has been bought by Oga at the top, therefore using it as pit.

Please help us categorize the real motor park and the illegal ones. That will help us join the fight against illegal motor park in Aba!


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