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Ifeanyi Ubah: "Why South-East should remain in Nigeria"

The Chairman of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Ltd, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, has admonished the people of the South East geopolitical zone to remain in Nigeria because it is “highly unfavourable” to be an independent state.
Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah
Ubah also said that the future of the South East remains bright in Nigeria because it has the potential to becoming the economic nerve centre of the country, just the way Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou are to China.

The business mogul, who is also the Publisher of The Authority Newspapers, said that he was canvassing the position after “following discussions on this noble fo­rum and in a bid to contrib­ute my own quota to the discourse, my position on whether or not to remain in Nigeria, is for the South East to stick with Nigeria.

“My reasons are simple - the South-East is particularly not ready for such a move as we are infrastructurally and industrially deficient.”

According to Ubah, the prospect of the South East leaving Nigeria is “highly un­favourable. First, the South East lacks the essential and requisite agricultural deposits to sustain herself.

“While harbouring the thoughts of self-determina­tion, there is urgent need for an agricultural revolution through progressive poli­cies within the South East­ern states.

“The South East needs to exploit areas where she al­ready possesses compara­tive advantage in agriculture and promote policies that will enhance her productivi­ty and trade.

“Second, industrialisation is key to whatever the South East intends to achieve and stand for. We saw BRIC+S countries (Brazil, Russia, In­dia, China +South Africa) at­tain their projected economic giant status at the end of 20th Century. Today, all eyes are on the new projected MINT Countries (Mexico, Indone­sia, Nigeria and Turkey).

“MINT is projected to emerge as the new global economic giants in this 21st Century after the emergence of BRIC+S and there is abso­lutely no doubt in my mind that the South East needs to be to Nigeria what Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou are to China before thinking of separation from Nigeria,” he said.

Ubah further suggested that Ndigbo should strive to make the South East a health tourism hub for Nigeria and West Africa by extension, stressing that there is need to redirect the massive revenue currently being enjoyed by these Indian and American hospitals to the South East.

He asserted that overall, the Indian healthcare market is worth around $100 billion and is expected to grow to $280 billion by 2020, a com­pound annual growth rate of 22.9%.

“Is this not strategic enough for the South East to tap into as a means to creat­ing value before harbouring thoughts of self-determina­tion?

“Finally, it is pertinent to note that this revolution must be driven by state chief executives,” Ubah stressed.

Ubah therefore charged the South East state gover­nors to lead the campaign to actualising the ideas put up by him, declaring that “it’s high time we stopped our dependence on federal allo­cations which merely serves to pay civil servants.

“There is urgent need to look at securing partner­ships with our brothers and sisters in the diaspora as well as the international commu­nity. However, all these can only be achieved if there is transparency, accountabil­ity and the requisite zeal to pursue this cause within the confines of those who pos­sess the mantle of leadership in the South Eastern states, as such qualities will conse­quently breed confidence in the minds of potential inves­tors.”
Article written by Ifeanyi Ubah, Published On The Authority Newspaper | 27-02-2017


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