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READ a message from APC Minister over Islamisation of Nigeria

A message from a member of the ruling All progressives Congress, APC, (name withheld) has revealed that the rumoured islamisation of Nigeria is real, and already planned, waiting to be implemented.
President Buhari meets with top Islamic leaders
He said we should continue to pass this leaked information until every Yoruba, Igbo, all tribes and all Christian parts of Nigeria gets alerted.

According to him, This was planned many years by Fulani's as a strategic way to Islamization of Nigeria.

That was why Buhari continued running for presidency even at his old age because they knew he is the possible mean to achieve their goal.

In 1804 - 1808. Fulani's came in from Guinea to the Northern part of Nigeria, led by Usman Dan fodio. He lead in jihad against the Hausa kingdoms of the northern Nigeria. The forces of Usman dan Fodio slowly took over more and more of the Hausa kingdoms through war. By 1810, Fulani's had already conquered all Hausa's.

They formed Boko Haram sect solely for the process, waiting for Buhari or any of their Fulani brother to come in power but Unfortunately, Goodluck Jonathan came into power and they became annoyed.

They started their violence to distract him and whether it was Yoruba or Igbo that was on the seat during GEJ'S regime. The same thing could've still happened about Boko haram.

Now their dream has been achieved having their brother on top.

Here is their plan.

They started herdsmen war believing that they have the chance to control all parts of the country since they are in power and forces.

If GRAZING RESERVE BILL is passed and achieved, It means that Fulani's will have a place mapped out for them in all 36 states of Nigeria.

The next thing is that, they will start bringing in their wives and children to increase their population.

With time, they will have their Emir installed in every 36 states which will eventually take part in every leadership community gatherings.

They will eat into every community like worms and the place given to them can never be taken away from them again since it has been passed.

Their sect will be ready to strike in every state and community with no hiding place for anyone since they have known every corners of our community.

It is then that we will beg them to stop killing us for we are ready to become Muslims in order to live.

This is the only time we have to reject this because tomorrow might be late for us to act.


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