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OPINION: Why Igbos are the only tribe that believes in one Nigeria

Following the Igbo marginalization in the political system of Nigeria, here are some analysis shows that Igbos are the cause of their problems. 
Why Igbos are the only tribe that believes in one Nigeria
The analysis follows the recent statement made by the new president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, which he made it clear that Southeast are longer comfortable being part of Nigeria.


Contrary to what Chief Nnia Nwodo, president of Ohanaeze Ndigbo said that Igbos are no longer comfortable being part of Nigeria, the truth is Igbo's are the only tribe in Nigeria that believe in 'one Nigeria' and that is where their problem lies.

If you are dealing with a Hausa man, he first thinks of his religion and ethnicity, a Yoruba man thinks of his ethnicity first but an Igbo man thinks of one Nigeria.

If you come to the east you hardly see any structure built by a Hausa man or Yoruba but, travel all over Nigeria the Igbo's are developing them bearing in mind the 'one Nigeria' syndrome.

The Igbo man's quest for wealth has robbed him of his sense of belonging. That is why they develop other cities while theirs lay bare. Lagos today is developed by the igbos.

Imagine what would happen if the igbo businesses in Lagos are in the east. Every major market in Lagos is dominated by them; ALABA INTERNATIONAL, TRADEFAIR, COMPUTER VILLAGE, LADIPO AUTO MARKET, BERGER AUTO MARKET, IDUMOTA etc.

These are the backbone of Lagos state.

They'll tell you that the seaport is in Lagos but, the largest motorcycle spare parts market in Africa is in Nnewi and, it is striving without any seaport in the east.

Have you imagined what would have happened if these markets are dominated by the hausas? Or the Yorubas dominating these markets in another state? Of course they would have transfered them to their areas.

Igbo's need to rethink and realize their mistakes. Develop your own. If you make billions in lagos and the billions are still reinvested in Lagos, you've not made anything. Aku ruo ulo amara onye nwe ya.

Igboland will develop when we make wealth outside and send it home. The houses you build in Lagos because of the appreciation rate of Lagos can be built equally in the east to boost the appreciation rate there.

Lagos is appreciating because you've developed it, do same down home.

Politically, Igbo's are marginalized because they are seen as divided people who cannot come together with one voice.


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