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Exposing, Imposing The Sun's Secrets

The sun is the largest extraterrestrial object visible to the naked eye from an observer on planet earth during the day. It's absolute, relative continuum mass is not equal to to the single downward inverse of the earth's absolute, relative continuum mass. This can be expressed as m/1 not equal to 1/m where m/1 and 1/m are the absolute, relative continuum masses of the sun and earth respectively.
Exposing, Imposing The Sun's Secrets
Exposing, Imposing The Sun's Secrets | Image credit: nasa.gov
Compared to the earth, it's  curved gravity[present time] and it's curved electromagnetic[present space]continuum force are weaker and slower respectively.

Thus it is cooler and darker than the earth.These equals the single square roots of one second[present time] and the absolute,relative continuum of the speed of light i.e 547.7km respectively. It revolves slowly round the earth, transferring it's gravity and electromagnetic  continuum force to it.

The absolute,relative continuum distance of the sun from  an earth's observer in upward curved space time mass energy continuum equals 90,000,000km [the single square of the absolute,relative continuum speed of light on the earth's surface] Conversely and unsimultaneously, the absolute, relative continuum distance of the earth from an observer on the sun in downward curved time space mass  energy continuum is  unequal to 1/90,000,000km i.e 9x/10[raise to power-+13millimetre].

Which implies that it transfers single square root of one second and 547.7km to the earth's surface via a conpressed and hotter tiny [quantum] distance of 9x/10[raise to power-+i3 millimetre]. During the day, the universe is compressing [imploding] downwards and the earth revolves [spins] faster.

The sun's mass is bigger and  farther upwards because mass increases and levitates upwards with the single square roots of curved gravity [time] and curved absolute, relative continuum speed of light [space] respectively.

Article credit: igbojewishgeniuscontinuum@yahoo.com


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