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WATCH VIDEO: Bishop Oyedepo Calls For Break-up Of Nigeria, Let Biafrans Go

Bishop David Oyedepo Spit fire against Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen killing Christians in Nigeria. The cleric also asked God to breakup Nigeria now and let Biafrans go.
Bishop David Oyedepo
Although, the video was made public in November, 2014, as a prophecy, it has been recently circulating on the Internet, as it shows Bishop David Oyedepo making challenging statements.

In the footage, the founder of the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry during the service was furiously asking the congregation to kill the “Islamic demons”setting chaos in the North-East of the country.

The clergyman urged people to kill the fighters if they see any of them in the church.
“God has anointed me to lead a revolution against Islamic jihadists.

“If you catch anyone that looks like them – kill him! Kill him and pull out his neck. I will spill his blood on the ground. What nonsense!”

The cleric continued:

“What Islamic demons. If Nigeria waits for the church to rise, Nigeria will disappear as a nation. You mean government cannot protect people? What a mess… Even the president said they (Boko Haram) have infiltrated his government. To do what? Must the North continue to rule? What devils!”

In another statement Oyedepo condemned Boko Haram sponsors saying:

“All the Northern forces that are sponsoring these uprisings and killings – I decree the curse of God upon them. Lord, if it is Your will to break up Nigeria – break it now!”



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