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Nnamdi Kanu should face Jail; Those Killed In Biafra Agitation deserves to die - Abubakar Tsav

Following the Amnesty International (AI) report on how the Nigerian Military killed over 150 unarmed Biafra agitators. 

A former Commissioner of Police Abubakar Tsav has said that those killed in the Biafra struggle deserved to die because they must have committed a treasonable felony. 
Alhaji Abubakar Tsav
Describing Amnesty International’s claims as being unfair to the Nigerian Army and other security agencies, Tsav said if IPOB members were not armed, the security agents would not have opened fire on them.

According to Tsav, the Amnesty International’s report is unfair to the Nigerian Army and other security agencies, if IPOB  members were not armed, the Army and other security agencies  would not have shot at them.

“I don’t think Amnesty International has been fair at all. What do you expect the Army, Police and other security agencies to do when they are confronted with armed protesters? Do you expect them to fold their hands when they come under fire? If these demonstrators are not armed and violent, nobody would use force against them’’, he declared.

While describing IPOB’s activities as amounting to an act of treason, Tsav said no responsible government would fold its arms while some elements are engaged in acts capable of leading to break down of law and order.

Insisting that  the Army and other security agencies should  be given fair hearing, Tsav added ‘’If the force used by security agencies against Biafra agitators is proportionate to the force threatened by the Biafra agitators, the security agencies will be justified in the deaths of Biafran agitators. However if it is the other way round then security agencies  can be accused of unlawful killings.”

Tsav who commended the way the Federal Government has been handling IPOB’s issue accused IPOB and MASSOB members of   engaging in illegal acts.

“All these agitations and demonstrations are needless. There are other   legitimate channels through which these people can express their grievances. They can   get to the National Assembly through their elected representatives who in turn will   table their case before the appropriate authorities. Taking   to the streets, embarking on violent demonstrations, and disrupting commercial activities at their own will   is not acceptable. Enough is enough”, he declared.

Urging  the Federal Government not to release IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu who is being detained, Tsav said Kanu should  not be released but rather should  be made to continue with  his on-going trial.

‘’Why should Kanu be released? He has committed an offence. He has committed treason. If Kalu is released, his release will encourage others to  take to crime. His trial by the Federal Government should be  pursued to a logical conclusion. Where was Kanu and his co-travellers during the Nigerian civil war? It is likely some of them were not yet born. Nigeria can’t afford any  war again, and this is why Kanu and  his  followers must be  checkmated’’, he declared.



  1. What do you expect from a man in the same train with Pier Mohammed.if you are not benefiting anything from them, then let them go. marriage na by force?

  2. You are really making a lot of Sense, sir Tsav terrorist Nnamdi Kanu should be jailed and die there

  3. Tsav or slave is a terrorist and a pedophilic, imbecilic and uneducated miscreant that's why all the people feeding from our God given resources are busy criticizing nnamdi Kanu simply because he exposed all their evil deeds against his people! Why wouldn't they talk nonsense with their mouth when they that are from north have freedom of speech,association and movement.can an easterner talk? The answer is no. Reason is that if you talk you will be arrested because you have a dictator and a tyrant in power as a president from Daura

  4. Abubakar Tsav same way you and your families will rot in jail and die.

  5. Alhaji Abubakar Tsav is you and your families will rot jail and die. Haters shame on you old fool.






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