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SHAME!! See Photo Of Inside Aba South Magistrate Court 8

The interior photo of the Magistrate court 8 Aba South, Abia State has surfaced online. Although, Abacityblog has been urged several times to visit the court, and see for ourselves the gory sight of the inside Magistrate Court 8.
Inside Aba South Magistrate Court 8 | Photo credit: Empero Gabriel Ogbonna (facebook)
A source who sent us the image, revealed more behind the photo, he added that this is the part of the Abia State the media does not want anybody to see.

He also noted that the court officials were so happy seeing (him) taking the photo.

According to him: This is the Abia State they do not want you to see. This is the interior of Magistrate court 8 Aba South. The other day we were in court and it was raining. The rain was beating the Magistrate right on her seat and table and she has to rise immediately.

When the court is sitting, both the sunlight and the rain flows inside the court hall, destroying the record books and other books. The court officials were so happy seeing me taking this photo.

This is Aba South local govt, the metropolitan local govt of Aba. The other day I went to Osisioma Ngwa Magistrate court and if you see the state of the court halls, you will weep.

A part of the roof of one of the halls is almost off that the place looks like a gulag. When it rains, the water flows inside the court halls . The Osisioma court halls are a disgrace. Obingwa does not even have a functional high Court hall in Obingwa as the court building has no roof and the Obingwa high Court borrows some Aba court halls.

If I show you the state of the court halls here, you will weep, he added.

Abacityblog is calling on the state government authorities to do something about this!


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