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No More Igbo Title, Ondo Traditional Rulers Threatens

The traditional rulers in the Ondo state had agreed to ensure that the title of Eze Ndigbo is banned in all their domain.
Ondo State tradittional Rulers
In a meeting involving the top traditional rulers of Ondo state,decision have been concluded that on no account would an igbo title of 'Eze ndigbo' be mentioned in the entire state.

According to the press release of th e chief press to the oba of Aladelusi Aladetoyinbo he stated that there had been rumors that the Deji of Akure planned to install a new Eze Ndigbo against the wish of many Igbos in the state.

“An earlier act of insubordination to the Yoruba monarchy and culture by one Mr. Gregory Iloehika, has been deplored by all and sundry, in all its ramifications, as against the traditional norms and practice of the Yoruba people and this led to his removal and subsequent ban of the title of Eze Ndigbo in Akure Kingdom and the entire Ondo State.”

He also said: "It remains within the purview of the Igbo community to choose its own leadership and it is at liberty to present a leader from among itself if it so desires.”

Regarding this collective decision by the traditional rulers of Ondo state the monarch of Akure,Ondo state has threatened to deal with whoever goes contrary to thier decision will face his wrath.


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