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BREAKING: No Election In Abia State All we want is Biafra' - Ariaria Traders

Traders in Ariaria International Market, Aba has rejected the announcement by the Abia State government, that there will be a public holiday today, following the ongoing local government council election in the state.
Traders at Ariaria International Market, Aba
The traders lamented that they have lost hope in Nigeria's government, citing that all they want is Biafra nation.

Abacityblog recall that the State government had yesterday announced that there will be no movement in the state, including markets and banks to be shut. But the traders in Ariaria market rejected the announcement.

When Abacityblog correspondent visits the market he found out that the market is busy, people are buying and selling.

Asked one of the traders, Mr. Onyejiuwa Ogbonnaya, reason why the market is not observing the today's public holiday in the state, he said; (Abia State) can go ahead with their election, but as for the traders in Ariaria market, we have lost hope in Nigeria, we are Biafrans.

According to him; "I have said it several times, I am not a Nigerian, I am a Biafran, so if Abia State or Nigeria is doing election or not, it is not my concern, because for a long time I have lost hope in Nigeria.

"My fellow traders in Ariaria have also lost hope in Nigeria, that is why we preferred to be called Biafrans, not Nigerians.

Mr. Ogbonnaya who reside at A-Line lamented that the federal government should "release (our) Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and give us Biafra"

Biafra is our last hope, as in Nigeria, we have lost hope, he added.

Another trader, who simply identify himself as Kingsley opined that the federal government should conduct a referendum for Biafra, let those who want Biafra, should go, and those who want to stay with Nigeria, should stay.

Speaking further, he commended the former Abia State governor, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu who, happened to be the first Igbo leader that visited Nnmadi Kanu in Kuje prison.

"Orji Uzor Kalu has done well, it showed us that we, at least have leaders who can represent us, but he has to declare open his support for Biafra restoration. Kignsley said.


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