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The Aba Colonial Museum, a place to Visit

Aba Colonial Museum
Aba, the commercial city of Abia State has lots of places to visit, especially as Xmas draws near.

One may wonder where exactly could someone go for sightseeing or excursion, following the bad news the media has carried about Aba (the great Enyimba City).... Abacityblog staff are here to take you around places the media never show you in Aba.

Have you ever wondered if Aba has a museum? Yes! We have a museum in Aba, and it's called "Colonial Museum" History students need to visit the museum for more knowledge and understanding of how the blacks suffered during the time of slave trade, and how the trend stopped by only three persons.

The museum has a lot of knowledge one would want to acquire. A visit at the museum will give you the pictures of how our forefathers suffered in the hands of the slave trade masters.

Aba museum has a lot to teach us. Only pay a visit and you will definitely love it.

The Aba Colonial Museum is located at Ikot Ekpene Road before NEPA Office, Ogbor Hill Aba, Abia State.

Or, you can go through Aba South Local Government Headquarters.

It's easy and comfortable to visit the museum and have the knowledge yourself.


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