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South-East Reps reject inclusion of Sharia Law into Constitution

The South- East Caucus of the House of Representatives has rejected introduction of Sharia law in the Constitution.
House of Representative
Recall that reports have it that the bill seeking for the inclusion of Sharia Law have passed second reading in the senate.

But, The Chairman of the caucus and Deputy Minority Leader, Chukwuka Onyema have revealed that such bill have not passed second reading, but was waiting to be passed.

Speaking with the National Assembly Correspondents, Onyema said that a good number of ranking members from the southeast zone understand that all bills seeking an amendment of the constitution “shall be passed for second  reading” and refferred to the Adhoc Committee on Constitution, it would be wrong to say they were caught unawares.

He assured that there was no cause for alarm as a public hearing with conducted on the bill saying, “Any matter on constitutional amendment is passed for second reading and sent to the constitutional review committee.

“ I can use the word ‘shall’, that  such a bill shall be passed for second reading and sent to the committee, who will now look at it to see if should be presented  for debate.

“We have experienced lawmakers in the South-East Caucus who are waiting for when this bill will be debated.

“ We are not sleeping. We are committed to working for their people and this is seen in our contributions on the floor as well as in various committees, along with oversight functions”, he added.

Also, the southeast lawmakers rejected the President Buhari’s request to the National Assembly for approval of a $29.9 billion external borrowing plan.

The caucus described it as “unacceptable,” following the exclusion of the zone in the allocation of projects by the Federal Government in the proposed plan, citing that they will only support a borrowing plan that is inclusive of all geo-political zones. This was even as they complained that details of the terms of the loans, duration, cost and application have not been made provided.

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  1. South-east law makers should please avoid being bribed by islamists to pass this repressive sharia inclusion law into our Constitution. If you allow the islamists to win, you have staged a fertile ground for northerners and OIC plan to Islamize Nigeria. Besides, religion and politics don't mix well. The reason America is governable despite diverse religions and nationalities, is the separation of religion and the state.

    1. This advice should not be ignored,all the south east and south south Reps members have to unite to fight this case together until they win the battle.

    2. This advice should not be ignored,all the south east and south south Reps members have to unite to fight this case together until they win the battle.

    3. Nigeria is a country with many culture and religions, sharia law inclusion into our constitution will enslave Christians and many Christians will be maimed by these evil Muslims groups. And it may lead to another war.my question to Nigerians is ,why is it that every year Muslims are pushing and agitating for sharia law inclusion in our constitution, Islamic state and islamizing Nigerians ????

  2. I do not only rejects it. I denounce it. Not in Nigeria God forbid. They are looking for civil war Nigeria any one who proposes such law in our constitution has to have their brain re-examined.