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Niger Delta Elders will revolt against militants – Edwin Clark

Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, a foremost Ijaw leader and one of the prominent personalities who led the pan Niger Delta Elders and Leaders Forum to the Peace Dialogue with the Federal Government in Abuja on November 1, 2016.
Chief Edwin Clark
In this interview with The Sun he revealed that the Niger Delta elders will revolt against the militants in the region following their ceaseless attacks on the Oil pipelines.

According to him; "Very soon the Pan Niger Delta Elders Forum (PANDEF) would soon be meeting. I am not alone. We have summoned a larger meeting of all the stakeholders where some far reaching decision would be taking after due consideration of the present situation in the region

"We are also aware of the intent of some groups to discredit us and tagging our forum all sorts of names, you can be rest assured that all these would be reviewed at our enlarged meeting where punitive measures would be put in place to bring some level of sanity to the region.

"Those groups who said they would not respect us, we have noted them. One thing is certain, everybody can not share the same ideology in this kind of situation but like I said, we have noted them and we know how to deal with them.

Speaking further, he said; I’m very certain we are going to take position on this but for now, I don’t know the position we are going to take in determining who is who. Guess we would conduct a thorough research of these various groups so as to be able to separate the shaft from the wheat.

Again, like I said earlier, there are different motives behind some of these actions. One, it is unlikely that these criminals are the youths who are fighting themselves for political relevancy in the region and they are in control of so much money to engage the youths who are involved in these dastardly acts for the purpose of indicting one another. I’ve also mentioned that some people are out there to make money out of it as contractors who would be assigned to carry out the repair works on this damaged oil installations.

We also have some of them that are rascals, unpatriotic fellows who think they can just go and destroy things anyhow. We are going to investigate them one by one and when we finish investigating, we will come out with a position.

We are not going to sit down and allow our hope to be destroyed by those people who have shown their true identity as enemies of the Niger Delta region.

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