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Why Foolish and lazy Nigerian youths will chop Sand Next Year - Charlyboy

The President of the Frustrated Nigerians, Charlyboy, popularly known as AreaFada, who recently led the group of protesters make up of Nigerian youths to the entrance of the National Assembly has lashed out at Nigerian youths, asking them to stand up for their right by joining hands in fighting corruption in the Country.

Charlyboy on his Instagram page @areadfada1, wrote: “I swear to you silly, ignorant, foolish and lazy Nigerian youths.

“If you don’t do something quick by showing your frustration and vexation with this our yahoo yahoo leaders, una go chop sand by next year.

“Nothing will ever get better until you start to stand up for your kidnapped future. Na una sabi,” the 65-year-old added.


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