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Biafra: My Encounter with Nigerian DSS in yesterday's Nnamdi Kanu court case in Abuja

.....By Emeka Ofoegbu

We all were standing outside waiting for our gallant director to appear before the court as normal, then when it was time for us to enter inside the court to cover what will be happening right inside the court room, they gave us condition that we should not enter with phone, I ask why since we are here to cover what is going to unfold here, they didn't answer it and just order all to drop their phones.

Well I insisted that my phone must go with me which somehow someway I managed to take it in, but was seen when I was operating it, wahala boasted out, we were two and they took us to underground cell, ask me to hand over my phone to them I refused but they gave me a buoyant slap, smash me down, and started heating me with bat, I told that this is all the can do to me, that didn't steal, I didn't kill, I didn't rape a girl, one thing is sure, they don't want me to speak and I never stop speaking.

They said I should unlock my phone and I said never even if it will lead to my death, this is where I started having problems and it pains me, I have never received beating in group but I received it today, they threaten to use a steak and insert into my ***** but it never happened.

Like two hours they then took me up to floor 2 of the court, and ask me to write a statement that am a terrorist that wanted to terrorize the whole court, I ask? Am a terrorist with just a phone, someone from my back gave me a hot slap and ordered me to write, I break up a silent tears because the beating and intimidation was too much for me to bear, I was already having joint problem because of the excess bat beating couple with slap, I looked at the man that slap me, I look around, the other

DSS man was far from me, but he was holding a gun, I think of fighting my last fight to death with them, I think of fighting with them till I stop breathing, I said to myself before I die this person that slap me must go down with me, but it was not easy, I was already down and weak, even hard for me to move again, I write the statement that am not a terrorist, I just came to cover my director court proceedings which the DSS is harassing me.

Later on a call came that I should be released immediately. The released me and gave me back my phone and ask me to go outside, I do as they said, and meet gift amarachi who's encouragement Gave me another strength to move on, one thing is sure, is I get biafra or I die trying to.

Ejike ofoegbu is a Biafran Activist.


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