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A Call to Change SOUTHEAST Geopolitical Zone to EAST CENTRAL Geopolitical Zone

....Press Release
We have watched for a long time the confusion that arises from improper identification of our regions in the South. This is due to improper naming of our region based on where they appear in Nigerian coordinate.
Rising from our general meeting, the issue was discussed extensively and we came to conclusion that it is very important and urgent that the error in identifying our region is quickly corrected for our good and good of everyone.

This dichotomy has been giving our people very hard time for so long and we believe that it is the right thing to make some amendments to this situation.

The corrections are necessary for both economic and social wellbeing of our people. It will make it easier for prospective foreign investor to correctly understand the location and the point where he/she intends to invest in, also enable us to be properly identified based on where we are and not the present situation whereby there is a lot of confusion in definition of South East.

It is important that we correct this now to save the future generation from going through the kind of confusion that we have been going through.

That being said, we will like to draw the attention of general public to our intention to change the name with which our geopolitical zone is known from South East geopolitical zone to East Central geopolitical zone.

South South which is a combination of Eastern states and Midwestern states will maintain its name since it comprises of Midwest and parts of East for better cohesion among the people of South. The combination of East and Midwest to be known as Lower Niger Area.

The clarity that the above makes is that, South East or East wherever mentioned will refer to the people living in the South Eastern Coordinate in the map of the nation without having any confusing situation where Cross River and Akwa Ibom states which are more Eastern than Abia and Imo and are not referred to as South East. It is a huge nightmare and should be corrected immediately.

This is done in good fate and of interest to us down South and the entire country at large so that fairness will be established in the area of identification of geopolitical zones. This is so because other parts of the country are named correctly based on where they appear on the Nigerian Coordinate except we in the South East/ South South Region.

We hereby call on our elected house members to follow any process if there is to see that this necessary changes are made for the good of all concerned.

We are also calling on the general public to also respect our position on this for the good of all that is concerned.

Signed Samuel .M. Offor
Secretary Eastern Concerned Sons and daughters.

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