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Ohanaeze ditch South East, set to hold Igbo Unity And Cultural Festival Day In S'West

The call for the South Easterners living in another part of the country, to come home and develop the South East seems to fall into a deaf ears, as the self-acclaimed Igbo Leaders, Ohanaeze Ndigbo ditched South East set to celebrate the annual Igbo Unity Day and  Cultural Festival in the non Igbo Land (South West).
Ohanaeze Ndigbo-Igbo Unity Day
Ohanaeze Ndigbo
According to report by Vanguard, A socio cultural group, Ndigbo in Lagos is set to hold Igbo Unity Day And Cultural Festival at National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos on Saturday November 26,2016.

The findings proved that non other ethnic groups in Nigeria have ever hosted such indigenous festival in another mans land.

Nigeria is one according to the constitution, but we are of different ethnicity, and beliefs, that's why the South East are agitating for a separation.

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Although, the President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Lagos, Chief Fabian Onwughalu said that the cultural festival is to promote unity among Igbos and non-Igbo in the country, but why won't they come home and celebrate it?

The president of the self-acclaimed Igbo leaders, Onwughalu added that, the programme is aimed at unfolding new charter of engagement, driven by a deep sense of urgency and need for Igbos everywhere to unite and remain challenged by a resolve never to allow disunity deny us the fruits of oneness again, especially in Lagos.

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Don't you think they got it all wrong? What happens when they come home to celebrate it in South East, where the home base Igbos will join and the Unity and Oneness as they preach will have it way.

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The truth is celebrating the Igbo Unity day in Igbo land will unify Igbo race the more, if not, they haven't started yet.

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