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What Canals can do for The SOUTHEAST

Canals are man made waterways.They may be dug entirely from the ground or by improving rivers by deepening and widening.Such rivers are said to be canalized. Canals may be used for irrigation, water supply,transportation etc.They usually joins other bodies of water.

The Suez canal
The Suez canal connects the red and Mediterranean seas respectively.The panama canal also links the pacific and Atlantic oceans.The southeast Geo-political zone of Nigeria is mainly inhabited by the Igbo ethnic group.It has an estimated population of about 40 million people which also encompasses some parts of delta and rivers states in the south-south Geo-political zone of Nigeria.

The southeast is blessed with abundant natural resources like coal,natural gas and oil,and off course navigable water ways.West Africa's longest river the Niger flows through the zone on it's way to empty into the Atlantic ocean. Oguta lake which is the largest lake to be wholly domiciled in Nigeria is in Imo state;the heartland of the zone.

The core five states that are in the southeast are Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States respectively. The Igbos are famed for their entrepreneurial ingenuity,commercial prowess as well as scientific and technological innovations.

Some of the biggest commercial and industrial enterprises in the west and central African sub-region are of southeast heritage.

In view of these impressive statistics,there is need to complement the development efforts by building canals and inland ports. Aba in Abia state which serves as the economic hub of the southeast can have a river port by converting the Aba river to a canal.

The Aba river flows into the iconic azumini blue river,a tributary of the Imo river. Like wise the ubu river which links Nnewi. an important industrial and commercial city in Anambra State with the ulasi river, the later emptying into the oguta lake.

Awka the capital of Anambra state can also have an inland port by converting the ezu [mamu] river to a canal.It flows into the Anambra river, a tributary of the Niger river.

Oba an emerging commercial and industrial enclave also in Anambra state can benefit immensely if the idenmili river;a tributary of the Niger is turned to a canal.

These canals if brought top fruition can improve the socio-economic  status of the southeast nay the entire west and central African sub-region.

.....By Mr. Ferdinand C Uguru. A Creative Thinker, He Wrote via: nostradamuseinstein@yahoo.com

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