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New Invention In Aba! See Stove that uses Cassava leaf as Kerosene (Photo)

A stove that uses CASSAVA LEAF as kerosene has been invented by Aba base tech engineer. The invention was announced by the chairman of the Agricultural Innovation Platform, Kalu Ichie Kalu, on Thursday, in Keffi, Nasarawa State.

UPDATED: What You need to know about Made in Aba, bio fuel stove

The smart bio fuel stove
The chairman, who spoke at the Innovation Platform Workshop organised by the Agricultural Transformation Support Programme, phase one (ATASP-1) under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Keffi, said the product is a credible alternative to kerosene, firewood and gas.

“It’s clean energy. One of the innovation in the stove is that 100% of the raw materials are locally-sourced, while the fuel is made from cassava leaf. The price of the stove is N5, 500, while a litre of the fuel is N200. A litre of the fuel burns for 6 hours,” he said.

The chairman while soliciting for support hinted that the only challenge faced presently is that production is still manual though the product has already made a rousing market entrance. He said they need support to mechanise production processes in order to produce about 25,000 litres per day.

UPDATED: What You need to know about Made in Aba, bio fuel stove

Photo credit: Community Stories


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