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Are You Ready For 2016 International Youth Day?

The 2016 International Youth Day is something Abacityblog will not want our Enyimba youth to miss, because the future is now!

What is International Youth Day? 
International Youth Day is a global event that celebrates the creativity and innovative brio that young people contribute to the upward advancement of the society. It was initiated by the United Nations and is held annually on the 12th of August.

Join the Youth In Aba, celebrates this year's 2016 International Youth Day.
The Youths make up the biggest percentage of the society, about 70 percent, and are affected mostly by 80 percent of every bill passed by the government. This haven’t had most positive impacts on even the backbone of the society which are the youth. The transition from education to employment has become almost impossible. Employment strategies are double suffocated by the increasing number of graduates on the streets wallowing, human resources wasting. Too many involved in deviant and criminal activities just to remain in the food chain.

Cities like ours, Aba, nonetheless have proven abortive in a much crystalized way. The youths within our bights have a very appreciative and innovative workforce that provides employment and livelihood, overriding most effects of our homicidal economy.

Ipso Facto, the need to celebrate these proactivity is a tick clock. The need to activate a consciousness that business and entrepreneurship are not restricted to only illiterate and should be better off in the hands of fearless, educated and enlightened youths. In extension, a platform that incubates, nurtures and sets off many ideas brought forth by the youth is of another inevitable importance. Aba is a fertile land for ideas, thus this symposium, ‘The future is now’ is projected to hold alongside the eventuation of the International Youth Day 2016.

Vision Alive Empowerment Foundation in respect to the mandate from United Nations is set to organize activities to mark the International Youth Day in Abia State. A non-governmental organization incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC/IT/NO/69656 with the mandate to nurture and create platforms for young people to take actions and ensure they are not sleep walked into the agenda of others. Vision Alive is inspiring a new generation proud of their identity and conscious of their destiny, motivating them to lead purpose driven lives. In the previous year, Vision Alive has successfully organized programs like;

· The Abia State Gubernatorial Debate 2015 – The very first gubernatorial debate with public participation in Abia State brought together governorship candidates to the debate, which provided a platform for the electorate to participate in hearing a Candidates’ ability to provide coherent statements of policies, plans, goals, and sincere justifications for their plans that stood up to vigorous questioning by those with dissenting views. This incisive event was held on the 21st day of March, 2015.

· International Youth Day 2015 – Amidst the heavy downpour, Vision Alive celebrated the youths in the city of Aba with a glamorous parade and seminar on Youth Civic Engagement fused with entertainment.

· Campus Impact – Vision Alive goes to secondary and tertiary institutions to sensitize, enlighten and educate students on leadership and career choice and development which is a major area of concern to the youth.

·         Monthly Inspirational Programs – Man is built by words and ideas rule the world. Every month Vision Alive organizes multi-faceted programs that inspire the youths of our society, empowering them psychologically to create and pursue their visions.

· Vision Awards – An event that applauds the contribution of youths who have distinguished themselves in societal development. Last edition awarded Amb. Chibuike Mokwe of Youth for Peace Project for organizing an essay competition with the aim of creating peaceful coexistence among youths, James Samnbrite for organizing a spelling bee and Norah Onwuasoanya for organizing a Women, Wellness and Wealth Conference amongst other awardees.

The 2016 International Youth Day seeks to;
· Bring together youths to celebrate the experiences and voices of young people.
· Create a platform where the youth feel recognized and appreciated in the society, eliminating the mindset of neglect in most of them.
· Build hope for a better tomorrow in the face of the present hardship faced by most of youths.
· Create an avenue to sharpen their entrepreneurship ideas and cordially interact with themselves.
· Initiate a symposium to effectively relate with our leaders and elder statesmen, listen and learn from them and also from their fellow youths.

The program will include;

· A road show/youth parade on the 12th of August 2016.

· A conference on the 27th of August which will educate and empower the youth with features like talk shows, seminars, motivational speeches, interactive sessions, entertainment(dance, drama, comedy, music) and mentorship opportunities.


- Senator Ben Murray-Bruce – Founder, Silverbird Group

- Ide J.C. Udeagbala – Chairman, JUdeagbala Holdings.

- Amb. George Obi – MD, SingeObi Group.

- Dr. Chioma Ojigwe – CEO, International Center for Vision and Healthcare.

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